From Sunday, August 23, 2020, to Thursday,
August 27, 2020.



You want to learn the galaxy’s best kept secrets?

Come take part in a Figostock for miniature painters!
FIGONE is holding, for 5 days, at Jérémie Bonamant Teboul’s (Drôme, France), painting workshops with the best brushes of the miniature world.
Dozens of miniature fans are gathering to share the fun of getting better, under the sage advice of professional and experimented painters and sculptors.






Jérémie Bonamant Teboul (Bases and composition - workshop in French)

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As I fell into the paint-filled cauldron of obsessive miniature-philia, I’ve pretty much turned my favorite obsession into my job. So I dropped out of the studies to mess around with my little guys all day long, neglectfully installed myself in my workshop, a paintbrush in my mouth and my pants all stained with paint. 20 years later, my parents have proven their consistency through their resignation Fallen rather young into the color paint-filled cauldron of the compulsive miniaturophilia, I turned slowly but surely my passion into a carrier.

I dropped professional school to tinker with little models all day long, nonchalantly stationed at my workbench, a brush in my mouth with my pants covered in paint stains. Professionally, I worked at Ilyad Games, Andrea Miniatures, Kraken Edition, and, 20 years later, I am now artistic director at FIGONE, and my parents showed their stoicism in their resignation.

My artistic life is now getting richer, and I practice fervently music, aquarelles, and travel logs…

Jérémie Bonamant Teboul


Marc Masclans (Acrylic painting - workshop in English)

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I am Marc Masclans, a miniature painter from Barcelona. I have been working for companies and collectors for the last 10 years. This lasts years I started teaching in my own studio and also traveling around the world. About my painting, I like to explore texture and different kind of skin painting and organic shapes, specially working with large scale models.

Marc Masclans


Bruno Lavallée (Oil Painting - workshop in French)

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I am 49 and I paint 25/28mm scale miniatures since the dawn of the 80's, mostly for role playing games and tabletops, such as Citadel, Ral Partha, Grenadier, Mithril, Rackham, GW for the most notorious.... From 2000 and onwards no more gaming minis, I started to try changing scale and all kinds of format, from 25-120 mm historical and fantasy. I use Enamel paints since the beginning (Revel and Humbrol) and artistic oil paints (Hold Holland , W & N...), Initially because it was the only paints available nearby when I first started, and after trying various medium it is the paints that suit me the best.

Bruno Lavallée


Allan Carrasco (Sculpture - workshop in French)

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I'm 34 years old and have been earning my keep for almost 15 years now by sculpting characters i play-doh!
My earliest memories are of a kid who was busy drawing, making cardboard dioramas, characters made with screws and electrical tape... I always needed to build actual representations of my imaginary world. As a teen I played wargames and collected miniatures to paint, then I started transforming them, and finally made them from A to Z. This passion got me in contact with professionals from the industry (game and miniature publishers), I was offered a few freelance orders, and then wound up doing nothing but...

I have the habit of saying that this job chose me, at first I was more into drawing, sculpture became a thing through professional opportunities.

My usual work is now divided in two, miniature sculpting on one side (which is what I make a living from), and on the other my personal work - unique pieces (small statues, ceramics, drawings)...

Allan Carrasco


Julien Reymond-Venturi (Airbrush- workshop in French)

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Professional painter since 2011, i find inspiration in daily life, Nature and various arts such as illustrations, sculptures… I was able to collaborate with some actors in the miniature industry such as Figone, Aradia miniatures, Robot Chicken Miniatures… on Box Art projects.

With brushes or airbrush, I am a self-taught enthusiast who constantly experiment to develop and refine my skills in order to express poetry in my painting and share my passion during seminars and workshops.

Julien A la bonne peindouille


Ben Komets (Acrylic painting - workshop in English)

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I was born and raised in the wonderful City of Berlin.
I am a full time Miniature Artist.
Over the last few years I have painted boxarts for various companies such as Nutsplanet, Mierce Miniatures or Thirdman Studios, just to name a few. Many of you know me from my instructional videos over at Paintingbuddha or Miniature Mentor.

I am now working freelance and I founded my own small Miniature Line called “Ben Komets Miniatures”, where I will release models from painters for painters.

If in workshops, personal coachings or on DVD, teaching and talking about miniatures has become a big part of my life, this is why I also started a Patreon Channel of my own to bring you even closer to what is happening in my studio.

Ben Komets






No entry-level required you can enroll in whatever classes suits you so long as there are spots available.

But, sculpting is a delicate craft that is not as accessible as painting. A novice sculptor must expect hard work and perseverance. That being said, with enough motivation one can move mountains... the giants know that!

The content of the workshops is by no mean contractual or comprehensive, each teacher can adapt his program on the flight.

Each participant will be offered a FIGONE miniature that can be used as a support during classes.

A specific list of furnished supplies and supplies the attendee will have to bring will be sent toeach person who registered

The miniatures used for demonstration purposes during the painting classes will be chosen later on by the teachers and the organizers.

There are 12 spots per workshop.


Painting a bust using acrylic – By Marc Masclans

Language: English

Capacity : 12 spots
Bases and blending
Light and color theory
Notions of contrast, focal points, harmony, composition... and practical uses …
Working the various textures which are specific to the miniature (skin, leather, cloth, clothes, freehand, NMM, TMP…)
Specifics of the model which will be chosen to be worked on…
...and any secrets which can be taught over 5 days.


Acrylics and composition – By Jérémie Bonamant Teboul

Language : French

Capacité : 12 places
Bases and blending using acrylic
Light and color theory
Notions of contrast, focal points, harmony, composition... and practical uses …
Working the various textures which are specific to the miniature (skin, leather, cloth, clothes, freehand, NMM, TMP…)
Specifics of the model which will be chosen to be worked on…
… and any secrets which can be taught over 5 days.
Theory: Composition, dramatisation, narration, colored and luminous ambiance.
Practice: Rocks, earth, stumps, natural and artificial vegetation, flocking, roots, herbs, mud, water, snow, ice, pigments, coatings, powders, title, marble…

Jérémie Bonamant Teboul

Oil painting - By Bruno Lavallée

Language: French

Capacity: 12 spots
preparation, disgorging when needed
Enamel undercoating
Oil painting basis (mixing and application)
Blending techniques
Color and light theories
Concepts of contrast, focal points, harmony, composition... and practical uses …
various textures work (fur, leather, clothing, freehand, NMM, TMP, etc.)
Specific needs of the miniature used for demonstration
... and all secrets and tips that can be covered in 5 days.


Sculpture of a therianthrope (70mm) – By Allan Carrasco

Language: French

Theriantropy (or zooanthropy) is the partial or complete transformation of a human being into another animal.
Capacity: 12 spots
A concept drawing will be given to all attendees
Fabrication of 2 tools
Study of position, composition, scale…
Organic and geometric shapes
Study of recurring elements: weapons, clothes, fur, leather, chainmail…
Working essential pastes: Milliput, Green Stuff/Duro, Fimo...
Anatomy notions (and practical uses …)
… and all the secrets that can be taught over 5 days.


Airbrush - By Julien Reymond-Venturi

Language: French

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Important notice: The airbrush is not provided, each participant must bring his own.

Capacity : 12 spots
Techniques and basis to handle quickly the tool and be autonomous
Assembly, de-assembly, principles of functioning explanations, maintenance, associated products, cleaning.
Work on paper and solid support, handling exercises, accuracy training, lining.
Working on big pieces (e.g. 54 mm), applying base colors, highlighting, shadowing, using the miniatures & volumes.
Concept of light, color/ hue, contrast, focal points, harmony, composition... and practical uses
Finitions and corrections with brushes


Acrylic painting - by Ben Komets

Language: English

Capacity: 12 spots
Base colors and blending techniques
Theories of light and colors
Concept of contrasts, focal points, harmony, composition... and practical uses …
Working the various textures which are specific to the miniature (skin, leather, cloth, clothes, freehand, NMM, TMP…)
Specifics of the model which will be chosen to be worked on…
… and any secrets which can be taught over 5 days.




THE WORKSHOP: 450 Euro including workshops, housing (cottage), and all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) from Saturday evening (22/08/2020) to Friday morning (28/08/2020)

This includes:
The hands-on teaching
Meals (morning, noon, and evening) from Saturday 22 evening to Friday 28 morning,
The model the workshop is based on (for painting workshops)
Supplies furnished by the organization (see each workshop)
The hosting at a partner site from Saturday 22 evening to Friday 28 morning (5 days and 6 nights)

This doesn’t include :
The supplies for each attendee (see each workshop)


Nights will be spent at partner hosting (rooms for 2 to 5 people) 15km away from the workshop. Car rides will be organized.

The 3 daily meals will be taken at the workshop’s location. They will exclusively be vegetarian, largely organic and locally-sourced.



Registration to the workshop will be made through payment for the event.
To register, fill out the form found here

Available spots

Workshop Available spots / 12
Marc Masclans10
Jérémie Bonamant Teboul9
Bruno Lavallée12
Allan Carrasco6
Julien Reymond-Venturi7
Ben Komets2

In case of cancellation:
In case of cancellation, FIGOSTOCK refunds no fees. However, we’ll put those seeking a spot in touch with those no longer able to attend so that they can work things out between themselves. We’ll help with transferring, but will not refund registrations.

How this work is easy :
The people who want to be on a waiting list get in touch with us
People who free up a space due to a cancellation get in touch with us
We put the people in touch with each other, they sort things out on their own, and once that’s done, those
cancelling can send us a message with the new person to whose name the registration is. There ;)



Salle des fêtes
26350 Le Châlon



For the persons without mean of transportation, a charter will be arranged to the train station of Roman-sur-Isère/Bourg-de-Péage (15km) on Saturday, August 22, before dinner and Friday, August 28, after breakfast.


For any question, first check that the answer isn’t already on the site or in the FAQ. If you have a question, there’s a good chance others have asked it before.



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Aline Clabaut for visuals
Sylvie, Marc, and Jérémie for the logistics
Octavio Fernández Suñer , Diego Rossi, Daniel Hubert, Thibaut Sesia, Eric Harlaux, Javier González, Javier Sevilla, Andre Winter, Marc Dettloff & Paolo Dragonpaint for the translations.

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