Too old for summer camp? You don't like club Med? Painting alone with only the Internet and magazines to keep you company motivates you as much as dinner with your in-laws? Come take part in a miniature painting Figostage!

FIGONE is holding painting workshops for 2, 4, 5, 7 or 9 days. Dozens of miniature painters come together for the pleasure for becoming better, with advice from experienced painters and sculptors.


Hear the song of the light dancing on the folds of cloth, the whisper of the tool on the matter which gives birth to the unleashed form of your dreams. Fill your lungs with the infinite space of your mind, cartwheeling in the chromatic circle, pluck the string of your imagination and rest your soul a week at the Figostock, the crucible which will mold your reality.

Where ?

Workshops are located in comfortable facilities in the town of Montelimar (1h20 from Lyon and 2 hours from Marseille by car). Accommodation could be in tents or in “marabout”, 5km away of the training in the countryside ,Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. We will encourage carpooling from major cities in France (Lyon, Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, Nantes ...).

When ?

Workshops run from Saturday July 3rd to Sunday July 11th 2010. The welcoming beer will be on Friday the 2nd on Quentin's family farm. Departures will be possible until the day of Monday the 12th. Workshops are chosen à la carte over 2, 4, 5, 7 or 9 days.

Who ?

A few great names from our hobby will be hosting the workshops

  • Jacques Alexandre Gillois (Ilyad Games, Helldorado…)
  • Jérémie Bonamant Teboul (Figone, Artefactory, Andréa Miniatures, Kraken Editions…)
  • Laurent Mas Exposito (aérographe, table top…)
  • Thomas David (Ilyad Games, Helldorado…)
  • Alfonso Giraldes (Andrea Miniatures, Knight Models…)
  • Jose Manuel Palomares (Andrea Miniatures, Knight Models…)
  • Allan Carrasco (Ilyad Games, Kraken Editions, Smart Max…)

and many other “Figoprofs” as the number of participants increase…

What ?

The à la carte workshops will be made up of 8 to 12 participants. These are aimed at the beginners just as much as the veterans, from underage (albeit with parental consent) to older participants. Some workshops will be generalized on topics such as painting or sculpting, while others will be more specific (airbrushing, busts, terrain, basing, etc...). Lectures about the concepts and general principles along with alternating collective demonstrations and individual tutoring will make these workshops a rather intense learning period. Moreover, purely Seminars on theoretical matters (lighting, color, anatomy...) will be offered in the evenings. Complete formation assured!

What else ?

Many activities will be held outside of the workshops for those who so desire: WH40K, soccer, WIFI access, boardgames, rpgs, movie screenings, werewolves…
Two exclusive 32mm miniatures sculpted by Jacques Alexandre Gillois will be offered to each participant.
You can come as a couple, as a family...

Prices ?

Here's the price for the workshops alone. The overall price is the sum of “workshops + half-lodging”.
For the half lodging (lodging and food), see below.

2-day Workshop (Weekend): 70 euros.

5-day Workshop (week of Monday the 5th to Friday the 9th): 110 euros.

7-day Workshop (week + 1 weekend): 140 euros.

9-day Workshop: 160 euros.

Rates :

  • 3 meals / day = 13 euros. Directly in camping or in the training site.
  • Camping / sanitation: from 10 euros per night, to 60 euros for the entire workshop (10 nights)
  • Marabout tents: from 15 euros per night, to 100 euros for the entire workshop (10 nights)
  • Hotels: If interested, please book it in your own way.