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Spaces being limited to 12 people per workshop, registering ahead is required, and registration will be validated after payment.

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IMPORTANT: make sure that you speak the language the workshop will be given in (French or English)

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In case of cancellation :

In case of cancellation, FIGOSTOCK offers no refunds. However, we will put those interested in contact with those who can no longer attend so that they can work something out between themselves. We will facilitate the transition, but we will not refund registrations.

How this works is easy :

  • The people who want to be on a waiting list get in touch with us
  • The people who free up a space get in touch with us
  • We put people in touch with each other, people work things out like reasonable human beings, and when that’s done, those who can’t attend anymore send us a message with the new attendee for the registration. There ;))
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